Rendering Jewelry with Brazil for Rhino

Digital book (eBook)

The ebook "Rendering jewelry with Brazil for Rhino®" was designed to provide high-quality results for jewelry modeling rendering.

The central idea of ​​the book is to provide sufficient knowledge to understand and solve the different situations imposed by the format of jewels, materials, lighting, and a number of other issues of the scene. In simple, direct language, the authors used the step-by-step system to present the features of the "Brazil for Rhino" that provide realism.

The book approach the features of the software that will enable the reader to prepare environments, materials, lighting and textures for various situations or scenes of modeling you want to render. Moreover, it was developed so that people without software knowledge can learn and to render with quality and the most experienced professionals to discover new ways and broaden their knowledge.

The didactic adopted was to learn by doing, and is filled with images that enrich the step-by-step, which facilitates learning.






About the eBook

The eBook is a digital product with the same content as the printed book, however, to use only by electronic media (computers, tablets, e-readers, etc.).
There are several eBooks formats available in the market, such as .exe, .html, .epub and .pdf. Each type has its own peculiarities, all have pros and cons, but to facilitate the use of the eBook, the Editora Leon has chose to offer the extension PDF, which is compatible with most of the devices.

How do I download my eBook?

After the confirmation of purchase, we generate a new file with a unique password, and send you the download link by email. After 5 days we delete the file from the Internet, and the link becomes invalid.

Why has my eBook password?

The eBook is a product for personal use. The purchase of one eBook gives exclusive access to a one person. You can use your eBook in how many devices as you want, there are no limits per computer or device. The password is a protection against illegal copying.

Can I print my eBook?

No, because eBooks are digital products. Their price is much lower they do not have the same cost of printing and distributing of the the regular book printed. If you want the book on paper, chose the printed book, which has proper finish and quality materials.